Fibre Cement

Fibre cement is an external cladding product with the visual appearance of traditional timber cladding.
Cladding Southwest are able to install and are accredited contractors for all of the main Cement Cladding manufacturers. The main advantages to Cement Cladding are the durability, longevity and extremely long maintenance period this product enjoys. Cladding Southwest is a preferred installation contractor of this cladding type as the product’s stability and endurance is directly related to the installation procedure.  There is no need to keep treating or painting Cement Cladding, and there is also no chance of rot or insect infestation due to its composition. There are a multitude of profiles and finishes as well as 21 colours of cladding and trim to choose from to tailor your desired finish.


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Rock Fibre

Rockclad is the perfect choice for many. The range offers a wide variety of over 100 standard colours and we can even create a colour to fit your design vision exactly. Rockclad is a highly durable board material which has been specially developed for use in facade cladding, roofline applications and for building detailing. The board material is made from high quality rock fibre compressed with a small quantity of organic binding agent. This produces a very lightweight panel and the product is dimensionally very stable and therefore does not change with fluctuations in humidity or temperature and the boards are completely water repellent.


There are a wide range of composite claddings now available. These vary from WPC (wood plastic composite) to modern epoxy plastics. Traditionally used on commercial projects, these include factory or industrial sidings to large scale residential or student accommodation. Cladding Southwest can cater for all your installation needs to the highest quality of workmanship and in a time scale to suit you.


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Natural Timber

Whether you’re looking for that traditional look or even a sharp contemporary finish, natural timber can achieve your desired effect. Cladding Southwest offer a finishing service where we can protect your timber using only the highest grade UV stable preservatives and varnish ensuring many years protection on your investment. If left untreated natural timber will gradually age to a distinctive shade of silver/grey for the more rustic look. Cladding Southwest offer many types of timber such as Cedar, Oak, Douglas Fir or Larch all sourced from FSC registered sources and locally where possible. Architects particularly like natural timber as it offers them flexibility in design and is compliant with sensitive planning application.


Thermowood is a timber product that has been treated in kilns at temperatures of more than 200 degrees centigrade. During this treatment the cellular structure of the timber changes and as a result Thermowood is a more stable product vs untreated timber. It has a high resistance to moisture penetration, rot and fungi making it an excellent cladding product with a high life expectancy and durability.


Plastic cladding is the original way to brighten up your home or extension, and used to be mainly available in white. There are many new products available now, with different colours and profiles to match your needs.  Its main advantage is that it’s easy to maintain and look after as well as low in cost, perfect for those small or cost conscious projects.